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For the most of the day I try to capture the action as it naturally unfolds, focusing on candid shots over staging moments. However, I am not opposed to guiding my clients when the situation calls for it; such as positioning you into good light or instructing on the best way to pose your body or a posing activity. During portraits, I like to try to create movement and emotion, encouraging you to have interaction and moments to remember instead of feeling stiff and too posed. Your day is about enjoying and celebrating each other, so as I pose you I will set it up in a way to interact in a moment together and with your loved ones!

Open communication is key to a successful day! Please always feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about something. There are no stupid questions and I am here to help make your vision a reality. 

During the wedding day I will have a schedule and a shot list that we work out together (closer to your wedding date) to help keep my team and your big day on schedule. I will also use this and your vendor information to prepare for any and every situation. Once I have received this information, I will then create a game plan for the best ways to capture each scene of the day for you to review and approve. 




I will arrive ready to begin shooting at our agreed upon time. This means that my gear is ready and I will be able to jump right into the day.


I will bring professional and sufficient equipment needed to cover the wedding day. This includes having back-up gear and multiple fully charged batteries. I will shoot in RAW fortmat to insure the highest quality images. 


I tend to be an active and involved photographer on a wedding day and I like for my second shooter to be the same. I believe that important memories happen throughout the entire day and not just at the "big moments." There's more to a wedding than just the couple - I want to capture as many memories as possible. This also means doing whatever it takes to get the shot without inserting myself into the moment, interrupting it!


I believe it is important to fist get the 'safe shots' but I also want to get creative throughout the day when timing allows for it. If at any point you aren't feeling what I'm putting down, feel free to say no! 


It is my job to promote positive energy throughout the day, even if things get a little stressful. I am here to support your vision and to help generate fun and avoid any negative talk or energy. I am here for you!

getting ready

More than likely, someone in my team will be with one of you while you are getting ready. We will be capturing candids, details, getting dressed, vendor details, and portraits.

first look

If there will be a first look, my team will scout for the perfect location and report back to you for a couple different options. Once a location is picked, we will set up so  each of us is capturing a different partner's expression if possible. If a second shooter is not present then I will position the two of you where I can get both of your reactions, and then his! 

ceremony details

Vendors have contributed a lot to this day and I like to capture every last detail that you have planned and paid for. From custom signs to appetizers, I am making sure that nothing goes unnoticed.

The moments before the ceremony are always extremely emotional and these are highlights that all my clients look forward to having. This time of day we will take time to capture beautiful and fun moments with all of your favorite people (wedding party) and loved ones (formals with family). This part of the day can be some of the funnest memories or the most stressful so it is important to be prepared and organized. This is a perfect example of the importance of having a point person (coordinator) for your wedding day! I recommend that you choose someone who is close enough to your family that they know everyone but not a sibling or a parent. You want your parents to enjoy themselves and not have to stress or miss out on anything. Having the detailed schedule (mentioned earlier) will also be a huge help in making sure that this part of the day runs smoothly and will help in avoiding any unwanted situations! 

We will focus on the big moments/traditions (first dances, cutting cake, speeches, bouquet and garter toss, etc.) as well as guests reactions, general dancing, and conversations. Once we have captured the formals, the key moments, and the majority of the guests, my team and I will take time for a break (while the couple also takes theirs) to eat and breathe! Most of the time, the couples will then stage an exit before all their guests begin to leave.

Following the wedding I will deliver sneak peeks from each scene of the day within a week of the wedding day. I will spend the next six to thirteen weeks sorting and editing your photos. Once I am finished editing, I will upload the pictures to an online gallery and send them your way to relive one of the best days of your lives for the rest of your lives! 


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