I got your inquiry and I will be in touch within a day! 

What you can expect next...

1. I’ll reach out whatever way you're most comfortable with: email, phone, facetime, or a FREE in person consultation.

2. I'll walk you through my wedding guide explaining the experience and my style for the day of. Then we talk about the details of your wedding and what’s important to you and your fiance.

3. I send over a few personalized packages for you to choose from.

4. Once you've chosen the perfect package: a 20% deposit, a signed contract and you got yourself a wedding photographer!

Now in the mean time, go check out my FAQ Page and hopefully this will answer all of your questions that you have starting out.

You can connect with me more on instagram: @katiedriscollphotography

And you can also get some wedding inspo over on my Pinterest and see more of what inspires me!

I for real can't wait to get to know you more and I just wanted to say...


because I care as much as you do!
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Based in Arkansas